Monday, 13 February 2012



Hey guys! this is yesterday’s post, as I completely ran out of time last night, and by the time I got round to thinking about it, it was almost 12! Way too late.
so yesterday I went out for a very late lunch/dinner with my mum, we were supposed to go out about 1/2, however she went out for a hen do, on the Saturday night, and texted me Sunday saying...'I was very twisted last night, and I’m still being sick' god bless my mother! So we ended up going out at 5.30! And I wore my new Aztec top from Asos, with black leggings and my topshop studded boots!
Todays; well today I have lots of college work to do... blah, as it’s my Huddersfield interview in a week tomorrow, and my portfolio isn’t completed yet! I have lots of 'tarting' up to do! Wish me luck ... maybe post a few pictures of my finished work later on tonight!
Anybody else got uni interviews?
MelissaJai xo