Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I swear by...

Boots - £26.50

So considering I have been wearing this for about 1-2years it’s about time I did a review! I absolutely swear by this product! I have really bad acne and I find it really embarrassing. One thing everybody wants is perfect skin! and if I’m being honest, I feel like this gives me perfect coverage and my skin looks flawless, I do wish it would last longer, as I have oily skin I feel as though some days if I’ve had it on for about 10 hours is come off around my t-zone. It is a very heavy product on the skin, but personally it doesn’t bother me. But all in all I would recommend this product, they do, do a light version for those of you who would be interested but aren’t too sure on the thickness! But do go into your nearest boots or Selfridges and give it a try!

MelissaJai xo

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Daisy.. Daisy..


pink - models own
mustard yellow – topshop
white nail art pen - ebay
So iv neglected my blog for a while! eek sorry, just been so busy with college, but I just had to share with everyone my first attempt at daisy nails! i have always loved daisies and they’ve always been my favourite flower, and recently daisy print is everywhere! Which got me thinking! so the other night I gave daisy nails a go! and here is how they looked! i am really please with them! Although there not perfect, or really neat, it was my first go and i love the way they turned out! Plus I got loads of compliments on them!
Hope everybody is well!
MelissaJai xo

Saturday, 21 April 2012

How practical is your clutch?

Clutch bag - Rianna Phillips

So as I have previously posted about the genius that is rianna Phillips! I wanted to share with you my new clutch. Recently my views on clutches have changed! I never really liked them, I always felt like they were a FAF, couldn’t fit much in, and just generally got in the way. But when I came across this little beauty I couldn’t say no!
How practical is a clutch bag really? Well if it’s the right size, VERY. Omg I could fit everything I needed into it, with room to spare! I am really impressed and I will most definitely use it again! I'm the pictures above you can see my outfit post I did on instagram, my mum who has just gone out and decided to borrow my bag, and everything that was in my bag when I went out!
I would most definitely rate my bag, I love it so much. And it’s just the perfect edition to my closet!
Love love love to rianna!
MelissaJai xo

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Rianna Phillips

Hi guys!  Hope all is well!
I just wanted to share with you what I came across today! Rianna Phillips! I was originally going to do a top 5, but I just couldn’t just choose 5, so it’s a top 7! Theses would fit perfectly into my wardrobe, and would complement any outfit. I can’t wait to get my own!
 Rianna Phillips, who graduated from Manchester Met School of Art and Design now, has her own company, selling bags and printed scarfs she designed and made herself. And I think there amazing, at such an amazing price. I still can’t decide on which one I want to buy first!
I think it’s between the silver and grey clutch or grey, purple and blue fold over clutch! but everything is so beautiful! Make sure your check out her collections; also you can follow her on twitter @riannaphillips. 
Make sure you do drop a visit to her sites! You will not be disappointed!
Let me know what your favourite are! :)
MelissaJai xo

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Lauren Conrad

Ever since watching the first episodes of Laguna Beach I have been obsessed with Lauren Conrad! She is just so beautiful! And I just wanted to share with everyone my love for Lauren and style!

MelissaJai xo

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lust List #3

Top - Topshop
Ring - Urban Outfitters
Wedges - Topshop
Backpack - Asos
Bracelet - Urban Outfitters

Hi Guys! I really can’t stop online shopping, well browsing, as money is a little low! but still I just want everything, and obviously I couldn’t show you every single thing I’m lusting after right now.. But here are my top 5! If anybody wants to buy me one or two of them, feel free!

I really feel like everything I’ve picked is just right for spring, and my wardrobe... but i have way to many clothes, bags, shoes, and accesories that i just buy beacasue at that moment in time, i feel i NEED to have it.. And most of the time I don’t even wear it... which is my biggest problem. So from now on, I have decided I will only buy something if I can justify it to myself and my wardrobe. I’m also selling loads of things on eBay, like my Pauls Boutique bags, I don’t know what possessed me into buying them, I just fell into the 'your not cool unless' crowd and ended up with 3 tacky £65 bags!

I am going to London for some museum visits in 3weeks, which I am SO excited about, I love love love London; and I am soo jealous of anyone who lives there! So the backpack would be perfect to carry everything around in...
Do you have any bad spending habits? And what are your spring wants?
Love MelissaJai xo

Friday, 16 March 2012

rapunzel rapunzel let down your golden hair...

hair growth treatment-£7.99, boots.

After months and months off willing my own hair to grow long and be beautiful, I came across this! At first I was really excited about it, because who doesn’t need a little help growing their hair? But then reading through the label, I felt slightly cheated. It’s basically just a clever way of saying 'I will make your hair healthy enough so that on its own terms it will grow'... so really, it’s just a conditioning treatment.
I haven’t noticed any difference in the length of my hair, but the softness and shine and texture has increased dramatically! So I am pleased that now I do have healthy hair it may begin to grow... but all in all this stuff is not a magical growth portion... unfortunately!
Have you tried it? Let me know what you think!
MelissaJai xo