Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lust List #3

Top - Topshop
Ring - Urban Outfitters
Wedges - Topshop
Backpack - Asos
Bracelet - Urban Outfitters

Hi Guys! I really can’t stop online shopping, well browsing, as money is a little low! but still I just want everything, and obviously I couldn’t show you every single thing I’m lusting after right now.. But here are my top 5! If anybody wants to buy me one or two of them, feel free!

I really feel like everything I’ve picked is just right for spring, and my wardrobe... but i have way to many clothes, bags, shoes, and accesories that i just buy beacasue at that moment in time, i feel i NEED to have it.. And most of the time I don’t even wear it... which is my biggest problem. So from now on, I have decided I will only buy something if I can justify it to myself and my wardrobe. I’m also selling loads of things on eBay, like my Pauls Boutique bags, I don’t know what possessed me into buying them, I just fell into the 'your not cool unless' crowd and ended up with 3 tacky £65 bags!

I am going to London for some museum visits in 3weeks, which I am SO excited about, I love love love London; and I am soo jealous of anyone who lives there! So the backpack would be perfect to carry everything around in...
Do you have any bad spending habits? And what are your spring wants?
Love MelissaJai xo

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