Sunday, 6 May 2012

Daisy.. Daisy..


pink - models own
mustard yellow – topshop
white nail art pen - ebay
So iv neglected my blog for a while! eek sorry, just been so busy with college, but I just had to share with everyone my first attempt at daisy nails! i have always loved daisies and they’ve always been my favourite flower, and recently daisy print is everywhere! Which got me thinking! so the other night I gave daisy nails a go! and here is how they looked! i am really please with them! Although there not perfect, or really neat, it was my first go and i love the way they turned out! Plus I got loads of compliments on them!
Hope everybody is well!
MelissaJai xo


  1. I love your nails !! I'm definitely going to try this out. Also, I know how it feels to get caught up with school work, I'm in the same boat right now :\


  2. Oh they look so cute!! I am absolutely hopeless with any type or nail art. I just put on a block colour and blah...I'm done!

    Gemma x

  3. Good idea! Lovely blog. x