Saturday, 21 April 2012

How practical is your clutch?

Clutch bag - Rianna Phillips

So as I have previously posted about the genius that is rianna Phillips! I wanted to share with you my new clutch. Recently my views on clutches have changed! I never really liked them, I always felt like they were a FAF, couldn’t fit much in, and just generally got in the way. But when I came across this little beauty I couldn’t say no!
How practical is a clutch bag really? Well if it’s the right size, VERY. Omg I could fit everything I needed into it, with room to spare! I am really impressed and I will most definitely use it again! I'm the pictures above you can see my outfit post I did on instagram, my mum who has just gone out and decided to borrow my bag, and everything that was in my bag when I went out!
I would most definitely rate my bag, I love it so much. And it’s just the perfect edition to my closet!
Love love love to rianna!
MelissaJai xo


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    1. hey! sorry its taken me so long to reply! yes that sounds great! and your blog is so good :)

  2. Beautiful post!!!
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